How Drip Campaign helps you identify & leverage anonymous traffic?

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It’s quite obvious that most of the site visitors don’t fill out the form that helps in identifying them and their preferences. So how to know who they are? This post introduces a process by which you can categorise anonymous web traffic and create a simple drip campaign to actually drive conversions; that is turning these users into profitable client. If yours is a competent Digital Marketing Agency, this is definitely a must read!

If only two-percent visitors care to fill out the website form, this would be perhaps the most fantastic conversion rate and an ideal scenario. But what about the remaining 98-percent! Before jumping into the thick of it, let’s consider a few things!

  • B2B Applicable

Since this approach focuses on determining the companies looking for you, you might just need to calibrate the approach if yours is a B2C

  • Small/Medium size target business

This approach is directed on taking action, research companies browsing your website to find contacts. If there’s a big brand company is in pursuit of your sire, chances of finding one anonymous user are slim.In perspective of the scenario, you’re all set to monetise the anonymous traffic using Drip Campaign critical for all digital marketing agencies today!


Identification essentially comes from the user network. Majority of these networks are ISPs but company name is mostly viewable in most cases.

Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) have recently brought this to the front and the service for some time has been available via Google Analytics.

Although there’re many different tools; each with certain pros and cons, here’s actually how you can land profitable clients using Drip Campaign.

Classify companies as prospective clients

The tool you use should determine the name of entities browsing through your website even if it’s anonymous traffic. Dig through the list of visitors and extract those that are indeed potential client. This is easier by looking into client’s digital marketing presence and measuring if the company has potential to be profitable.

Sneak around & identify contacts

Now that you’ve a company name, look on LinkedIn and other social media accounts for contacts and your search would be based on the title be it company name, user designation. In some cases, you may come across multiple potential contacts.

A nice & branded snail mail

The actual initiation of the campaign starts by sending nicely branded cards to the contacts with a token of goodwill and warm gesture. Do brief how you can change the game from your services rather than defining each.

Send emails

Snail Mail approach shouldn’t exceed the seven-day margin and this is to determine the response. If there’s none, a nicely generated smart email is sent to the contacts through marketing automation platform. Don’t forget following up and passing resources, links to blog posts.

Call them

Just because yours is a digital marketing agency doesn’t mean you give up on the traditional phone call approach! If there isn’t any email response for seven days, call them live and this is perhaps the most effective of all.


Only with careful planning, some efforts and a creative approach can you oversee successful implementation and profitable results following Drip Campaign.